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Our first step in Greenhabbing

Perhaps nothing strikes fear into home buyers more than a leaking, underground oil tank. Even termite damage has a limit. No more wood, no more damage. But oil contamination can be an ongoing headache. Removing an oil tank AND remediating the contaminated soil (in the case of a leak) can run you into the tens of thousands […]

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Historic Preservation Commission and You

When planning a renovation, often one of the first steps is to gain approval from your local Historic Preservation Commission (HPC), especially if the changes you want to put in place can be seen from the street.  HPC is  dedicated to maintaining the historic integrity of a town’s architecture.  When towns don’t have anyone looking out for how buildings […]

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Why you NEED to know more about title insurance…

…especially as an investor! The economic downturn has churned record numbers of foreclosures onto the real estate investment market. Now, before cash investors and developers become dizzy looking at rock bottom real estate prices, they need to pay very close attention to title insurance.  Without it, they could find themselves and their freshly rehabbed property […]

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Michael Graves on Target, democratic design and keeping it real with color

We love Michael Graves, and we love Q&A interviews.  Lucky for us that we got both this week in this great piece from the NYTimes.

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