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Real Estate investors must do their homework

One of the benefits of real estate investing is that it’s an easy business to enter. On the flip side, it’s also an easy business from which to get pushed out.  One of the main things that determines success is the clarity of your investment strategy, i.e. doing  your due diligence. Investors (or any buyer for […]

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Moving right along

We’ve had several delays and a lot of rain, but this week things are a movin and a shakin at our project on our Adams Place Project!       Our fantastic Contractor John Colatrella, from Extreme Building Makeovers, and his hardworking crew are great to work with. It’s hard to believe that in a just a […]

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Home Loan Limit Changes…. Coming to a City Near You!

 If you’re in the market for a home and you’re planning on getting a bank loan over $417,000, listen up!  You may have until only this July to qet one!    Why?  There’s a new countdown going on…a proposed move by the Government that especially threatens the viability of some Tri-State housing markets,  areas that tend […]

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Easy Spring Spruce Up

This time of year in New Jersey is peak spring pollen time. Our porches, sidewalks, windows and cars are all covered with a thin layer of green dust. Sometimes you can even see it blowing off the trees in a greenish yellow swirl – ugh.  The good news is that it’s almost over and soon we […]

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The ever changing mortgage landscape

For real estate investors or a regular, residential home buyers, we’ve noticed that availability of mortgage financing has changed since the real estate bubble burst.  It also seems that every time we look in the paper, the terms are changing too! We’ve asked our friend and mortgage expert Glenda Winter-Irving to help us stay on top of changes as they come […]

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