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Thoughts on landscapes…

Our current rehab property has a lovely, but modest yard. It won’t be big enough for a pony, or to field touch football games, but it has enough to create a welcoming buffer from the street and for casual entertaining in the back. Regardless the size of your property, thoughtful planning can make any amount […]

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In high gear now

We’ve passed the inspections (electrical, plumbing & framing)!! Now we can move along with the finishing work.  It seems that this stage goes at warp speed and you can really see how the place may look once it’s done. Check out our video & progress pictures!

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Adding Curb Appeal

There’s something very satisfying about pulling up to your house and thinking, “Yeah! I’m home”!  Truth be told, we haven’t always felt this way about our property (investment or otherwise). Sometimes it’s a struggle to get past a dingy exterior, peeling paint,  odd shaped windows, dead grass, weeds. We’ve all been there. But over the years, […]

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Marble, Granite and Quartz Wholesale Suppliers & Fabricators

When we walk into an open house and see gleaming  stone countertops, we take notice – so do most buyers! There is something luxurious, yet very practical about stone. It cleans up nicely, it’s durable and it adds a wow factor to any kitchen or bathroom.  We’ve just purchased the stone for the countertops, basement flooring and fireplace at 6 Adams […]

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More progress!

The rain has stopped, the sun is shining and so many of our rehab materials are showing up; tile, fireplace insert, fixtures, doors & windows.  The good folks at Extreme Building Makeovers are wasting no time. Wanna see some progress pictures? (I know you do…) Already the new colors make it seem as if the […]

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