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For the birds! Start feeding them now….& they’ll be your “snow-birds” all winter long!

If your thinking you’d like to feed the birds this winter, now is the time to begin. ┬áBeginning before the winter months have arrived will get your feathered friends used to the fact that you have put out seed, suet, fruit and other wonderful treats. In the Spring, Summer & Fall, there is plenty of […]

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Winterize your outdoor flower, vegetable & herb pots and planters!

  For any of you who have backyards, outdoors spaces, terraces or balconies on which you’ve set up pots to enjoy your seasonal flowers, vegetables & herbs…..and you live in parts of the country where the temperature drops below freezing….this week(end) is the perfect time to get them ready for winter (if you haven’t done […]

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