Ah Design, How We Love Thee, Let Us Count The Ways…

Welcome to the first blog entry for Comin Up Roses!  We are very excited about the opportunity to share our knowledge of Real Estate Investing as well as our comprehension of design concepts with you,  both personal and through our business, GreenRose Fine Homes.   Our plan is simple: to provide you with as much useful and usable information as we possibly can, whether it be for your home or for an investment project that you are rehabbing.  We at GreenRose have, through our long and varied careers in Real Estate, gathered a diverse group of industry experts who are also looking forward to the opportunity to share their knowledge  on various topics with us on a regular basis.  Our topics will include everything from ‘The Importance of Staging and Interior Design’ to ‘How to Prepare For Home Inspections’, ‘The Basic Value-Added Steps That Improve Appraisal Results’, ‘Current Trends in Mortgage Rates’ and ‘Changes in Bank Underwriting Requirements’.  We look forward to your feedback to everything we have to say and we hope that you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy writing it.

So let’s get chattin’!

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