Interior Design Needs Balance

Last month, the GreenRose Team had the opportunity to take a little vacation to visit Steve’s sister in the wonderful city of Atlanta.  Of course, once you get to know us, it doesn’t take long before you realize that we love to combine business with pleasure since we love what we do so much.  We also have this little problem that when we enter a room,  our minds go directly to work and start focusing on how we would redecorate the space.

Such is the case when we walked into my sister’s bedroom.  Allow me to preface this by saying that my sister has great taste – she went to college for fashion and has a real artistic flare.  As such, the essentials for the room were basically all there.

As her starting point, she found this wonderful comforter with a Nautical look and chose to use it as her starting point upon which to base the room design.  She painted the wall behind her bed in a deep blue, one of my absolute favorite colors.  She found gorgeous raw silk curtains in the same color, a wonderful white glass lamp with a really fun shade that incorporated the rich, blue color of the wall & curtains into a flower image set against a white background, and a perfect chocolate-colored leather trunk at the foot of the bed, along with an antique dresser and chest of drawers to complete the perfect “Ralph Lauren-looking” space.  She had gathered a collage of pictures along the back white wall that gave the room the perfect amount of homeyness and sophistication.

What struck us as soon as we entered the room (other than the chandelier which was centered in the middle of the room but not above the bed so you always hit your head on it), however, was that the room seemed to be weighted heavier against one side and rather sparse on the other.  The piece parts were all there, but the room lacked balance.  Being the incredibly sweet person that my sister is, she responded with great exuberance when I asked if we could re-arrange the room.  “I would love it if you would give it that special touch that only you guys can do.”

It only took about half an hour to bring the room into balance.  We moved the bed into the center of the room against the back wall, moved the collage of pictures to the blue wall, which served as the perfect backdrop and really made them pop! We brought up 2 chairs from the living room which weren’t working with the style that she was going for downstairs, but made her bedroom that much cozier and gave her a wonderful place to curl up on a rainy day with a good book, have a place to put on her shoes in the morning, or simply gaze out at her wonderfully-wooded backyard with a great cup of coffee on a Saturday morning before starting the day.  We added mini-shades to the chandelier which was now located about the end of the bed against which we no longer hit our heads, and we put the beautiful curtains on pewter and glass curtain rods which were easy enough to do, but escalated the level of sophistication that those curtains demanded.  Lastly, we brought up a gorgeous sketch of a horse done in Sepia tones, which unified the warm brown tones brought out in the new chairs with the antique furniture and the leather trunk.

All 3 of us were quite happy with the transformation, but would love your thoughts.  So shoot us a quick note and give us your reactions!  In the meantime, Happy Decorating and remember to keep balance in mind on all of your projects!!!

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6 Responses to Interior Design Needs Balance

  1. Sarah says:

    So nice!!

  2. Rosanne says:

    Looks great!
    I love the artwork on the dark blue wall.

    • Steve Moran says:

      Thanks Rosanne! It’s important to remember when selecting paint colors that dark colors recede, light colors advance. As such, the dark navy wall recedes behinds the pictures, give the wall some depth, and serves as a wonderful backdrop to the pictures.

  3. …Outstanding choice of colors!

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