Kitchen Re-Design marries Form, Function and Style!

GreenRose Designs recently completed a Kitchen Design, or rather, Re-Design for our clients (and now good friends), Robert and Starr. These folks have really terrific taste, but needed someone to pull it all together for them in a way that makes sense for a modern kitchen.  As such, they hired the guys at GreenRose Designs to renovate their kitchen in a way that unifies Form, Function and Style.  The goal was to make their space feel larger while blending in with the adjoining rooms within their lovely home.  They had been living with the previous owner’s taste in a very dated kitchen since purchasing the home and had been waiting for their opportunity to take on such a large project as a kitchen renovation.

As you can see, their old kitchen was dated and ready for a facelift…
























 To begin, we sat down with them and discussed what they envisioned their ideal kitchen to look like. They had the opportunity during the past few years to give this a great deal of thought and were ready to place their own stamp on their kitchen, making it the “kitchen of their dreams.” Since both of them are teachers, they are excellent communicators and, as such, made our job a lot easier by effectively communicating exactly what they did and didn’t like.  Based upon our earlier discussions, we then offered them three choices for kitchen layouts from which they selected the layout which they found to be the most exciting while best meeting their needs from a functional standpoint.

We all agreed that the key to unifying the Kitchen with the Dining Room would be to break down the wall that separated each and vault the kitchen ceiling, thus marrying these spaces together, while creating a larger volume in the space.  In addition, we replaced the 2 distinctly different floor surfaces with one unifying floor resembling a slate floor that was not only beautiful, but also would unify the newly opened space.  The new floor tile was a gorgeous Italian Porcelain that blended blue, gray, cream and taupe tones, giving us the rustic look and charm of slate in an easily maintained surface (which didn’t break the bank either) as the palette from which to begin.














We then chose very simply “Linen-colored” cabinets in a Shaker style to accent the modern, clean lines they were striving for.  A Quartz countertop was selected for not only it’s durability, but also it’s clean even-toned surface to enhance the modern look that we wanted in a pale, medium-gray called “Ural Gray” by Samsung Radianz.  The simple subway tile in “Tender Grey” as backsplash completed the timeless look of the counter surfaces with a flair for the “classic.” Lastly, our modern deco ceiling fan works beautifully with the classic industrial pendants over the kitchen island in a stainless finish that we selected to complete our Kitchen ReDesign.  We all just Love It!

But we would love to hear what you think so give us your thoughts and send us a comment.

Lastly, we leave you with this final thought that great Kitchen Design should definitely be beautiful yet functional as well.    Most importantly, have fun with your renovation project!!!



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