Welcome to Miami! A condo reborn!

The GreenRose Team just got back from Miami where we finished our latest project…the complete re-design of a dated Miami condo.  The owners who are from the Northeast loved the location AND THE VIEW from their condo, but were seeking a very different “Look” from the styles of their homes up North, so they asked the GreenRose Design Team to create something sleek and modern.  Voila….take a look at these “before & after” shots and let us know what you think!  To be fair….many of these “before” pictures were taken by us, as the apartment was being packed up/disposed of.

The only things going for this condo were it’s location…..and the VIEW!

But how much nicer is your view when you have something fabulously clean and modern from which to enjoy it!

Note the new double-doors at the far right have yet to be installed lead to the new master bedroom.

And the following photograph shows the wall art which creates drama and adds color (and a personal touch) to the Living Room

The GreenRose Design team took two digital pictures taken by one of the children and had it blown up to create dramatic and colorful artwork!

The view looking back towards the front door shows the original “doorway” to the old kitchen.


Not only did we open up the kitchen to the dining & livings areas, we incorporated the use of crisp white quartzite stacked stone, creating the architectural anchor for the space.

In this renovation, we changed everything from removing the “popcorn” ceiling to adding the new 24″ square white glass tile….and everything in between….including the furniture and furnishings! Everything you see was  specifically chosen for the space by the GreenRose Design team!

This shot of the old dining area shows (at the very left side) the original door to the master bathroom.  It was awkward to have the Dining area right off the Bathroom.  The new GreenRose Design had that single door closed off and opened up a pair of double doors at the far end of the living room, ….keeping the dining area distinct and not a hallway to a bathroom and bedroom.

Note the air conditioning soffit was larger and included a “return” which created dead space which our new design removed, thus opening up the space. Also….the built-in and mirrored side board is now history, making way for a fabulous new focal point and stunning sideboard.

Behold the new dining area!  We particularly love the chandelier, which is truly a beautiful sculptural piece; the mother of pearl wall covering and the 51 inch round table which, after a simple series of turns….opens up into a table for ten!

No longer having a door to an adjacent bathroom, the new dining area is its own distinct & wonderful space!

Here’s another close-up view featuring the chandelier…

When the lights are turned down low, the chandelier, a ribbon of crystals, floats in the air….a work of art!

Another close-up shows the beautiful mother-of-pearl wall covering, the “sun” mirror and the sensational Wenge wood side board with a chocolate glass top…simply exquisite.

Oh, and we can’t forget the kitchen!  The old kitchen was vintage ’60’s with old, wooden cabinets and a dropped ceiling…..it was ready for a makeover!

The old kitchen ran along two of the walls & left the 3rd wall unused…

The new kitchen, opened to the living/dining rooms is bright and completely modern.

The Mother of pearl backsplash tile meets a 3″ thick white quartz countertop. The white lacquer upper cabinets have Italian-styled awning doors. The new induction cooktop is state of the art, with a convection wall oven below it. The newly-opened kitchen also features a cozy breakfast bar for two (also with white quartz counter which “waterfalls” right down to the white glass floor tile! The bar stools can be lowered to dining height and be brought over to the dining table when two extra chairs are needed!

By adding the additional floor to ceiling cabinets along the back wall, GreenRose Design increased the storage space tremendously…..and its beautiful wall of “bronze” woodgrain veneer (matching the kitchen’s base cabinets) reflects the wonderful, whimsical starburst chandelier situated in the new cove ceiling.

The shiny starburst fixture sits in a coved ceiling and its light is reflected by the many foil speckles within the cork wall paper, conjuring images of many a Miami starry-night for the family to enjoy.

And now to the two bedrooms…

The original guest area featured an old pull-out couch….and not much more.

All of the old furniture and furnishings were donated to “Out of the Closet” a local AIDS benefit organization which sells the donations and with the proceeds helps needy persons with AIDS.

The new modern guest room functions as a “den” and features a queen-size Murphy Bed, now closed behind the two lounge chairs & ottoman.

The queen-sized Murphy Bed, behind the white lacquer panel, is a much more comfortable sleep than a convertible!

The master bedroom before…..


And now….the new master bedroom…….sleek….modern Italian furniture with a combination walnut and upholstered white leather headboard!

With new double doors from the Living Room, the GreenRose design flipped the bed to the opposite wall. Check out the crocodile wall-covering behind the sleek, new bed with a combination walnut and upholstered white leather headboard!

Welcome to a wonderful new vacation home…..compliments of GreenRose Design!

A beautiful ‘French limestone’ porcelain tile now covers the patio floor, adorned in stylish artificial boxwoods framing the door, with its stunning views of the ocean, the park, the inter coastal….and Miami Beach!


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4 Responses to Welcome to Miami! A condo reborn!

  1. Joe says:

    Beautiful work boys…great to see what I’ve heard so much about come to fruition!

    • Steve Moran says:

      Thanks, Joe. We’re very proud of the work we’ve done there in Miami and happy that the owners of that Condo gave us the opportunity to exercise our “Contemporary” Design Skills. They were looking for a “fun” getaway place that’s easy to maintain and user friendly. I think we’ve achieved that via some awesome Miami and Fort Lauderdale Resources as well as a few NJ-based companies that shipped for us to Florida. Thanks for checking it out!

  2. erin says:

    Hello love the work!… I am in Texas and love the chandelier! May I ask what company made it? This is the piece I’ve been searching for!

    • Ken Malian says:

      Hi. Thanks so much! Isn’t that piece amazing? We had a bit of a time getting the approval of the owners at first, but now they absolutely love it too! We picked it up at a lighting store in a strip mall on Biscayne Blvd and unfortunately I don’t have their name in my computer.

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