Glen Ridge in to “the green” …..recycling…..making money doing it!

GreenRose Fine Homes is committed to being as “green” as we can in all our projects, renovations and design work!  So it was very cool to learn something we didn’t know about….and it was right here in our home town!


Glen Ridge, NJ has been recycling for years, but we just learned something very cool about it!   The fact is the town MAKES MONEY re-cycling!   The company that picks up our paper, cardboard, cans, plastic and glass bottles, etc. etc……pays the town for the right to pick up our re-cyclables…..and they paid Glen Ridge tens of thousands of dollars in income last year!  In these hard budgetary times….every dollar helps!

So, by recycling….not only are we helping save our earth’s environment!  Our town makes money ….and the MORE we recycle….the MORE the town makes!

Its so simple… need to separate your paper from your bottles….or your cardboard from your cans….just haul it all out to the curb on your collection day…and they take it all away.

So come on….let’s all recycle!   Green-cycle! 


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3 Responses to Glen Ridge in to “the green” …..recycling…..making money doing it!

  1. Bob says:

    I am thrilled to see your aggressive remake to the house on Lake Mohawk. My house is within you view. I always thought that cliff hanger could be great spot. Good Luck.

    • Ken Malian says:

      Hi Bob, it’s a pleasure to meet you as one of our neighbors up at the Lake. it is so funny that you refer to it as a “Cliffhanger” since that is the name we have given it. We’re excited that you’re excited and would love to give you the “before” tour any time. We are actually moving forward rapidly and have most of the finished product ready to go. When finished, it will be a light and spacious Lakefront Contemporary with a Mid-Century Modern influenced styled home that will be spectacular! Stay tuned on for Progress Reports and Thanks for reaching out!!!

    • Ken Malian says:

      Hey Bob. which house is yours? we’re not there all the time, so give me a call and I’ll let you know when we’re up there to give you a personal tour!
      Ken 917 991 2817 cell

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