Use less “green” & get more greenery! Still time to plant perennials, bushes & trees and SAVE MONEY!



We’re about to begin renovation on a flip house we picked up at the Jersey Shore town of Asbury Park and, since it should be coming on the market around February, it would be far too cold at that time to plant anything prior to marketing the home.  So, in our continual efforts to always “plan ahead,” while we still had a window of time to get things planted, we went shopping.   It took a few visits to several different venders, but we got everything we needed to landscape the front of the new house.

Although many folks are now thinking they’re gardening work is completed for the season, the Fall is an excellent time to plant AND score big on plant discounts (most vendors offer sizable “end of the season” discounts!).  Thus, any perennial plants and trees that are still “on the shelves” at your local nursery or big box store garden centers can usually be swept up for a pennies on the dollar.  Typically you can get 50-75% off or more from the regular retail prices!

The trick is to get them NOW and get them in the ground fast before the frost comes.  Then, once the plants are in the ground, even if the air temperature is around freezing, underground will not yet have frozen and the roots will continue to grow for a period of time until the freezing weather is consistent.  Then root growth stops for the Winter.



Once you’ve gotten your plants into the ground and filled in the surrounding soil…..make sure you really tamp down that soil firmly (carefully placing your foot under the branches of your new plant and circle around the trunk…..don’t be afraid to press down with your body weight) to avoid leaving any air pockets which could subsequently freeze the tender roots.  Then, generously mulch in the plants, which will give them a further insulation to make it through the winter freezes… making them snug in place for the Winter!

Plants in place

At our new project, we’ve completely landscaped the front of the house.  This way, once we begin marketing the house in the late Winter/early Spring, these will be planted and we’ll simply pop in some early season pansies and other late Winter flowers!


Happy Planting!!!

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