When facing serious house repairs….it might be time to sell!

If you own a house that needs major repairs…it might be time to sell!


When a home has moved past the category of needing minor repairs and you decide it’s better to sell, it might difficult to actually sell!

Most buyers in today’s market are looking for homes which are ready to move in to…homes that don’t require work!

If you try to sell it (yourself or through a real estate broker), you are almost always required to make “FULL DISCLOSURE” of all of the known issues.  When a house has major issues, it is going to take a hit on the price.  Otherwise you will have to make the expensive repairs required to remove the issues as no buyer will want to jump in to a ‘money pit.’  So you’ll be putting money IN…just to get a higher sales price!  Plus the time and aggravation factor involved in repairs and renovations is to be considered!

cracked wall

In these circumstances, contacting a company that purchases homes ‘as is’ is your best bet. Companies like ours do not have complex procedures: We inspect your home, make a fair cash offer considering the “issues”, and buy the house. We take on the repairs and other difficulties.

When your home has gone beyond needing repairs contact us and we’ll buy it – as-is.

Here are a few guidelines to consider:

Having multiple issues. Most homes that have been maintained properly, might see one major issue a year. If you find yourself with more than one issue that could be classified as ‘major,’ it’s time to consider selling fast.

More than one issue can lead to interconnected issues. Under normal circumstances, a major issue is an isolated thing – like a roof leak. But that issue, if its been left unprepared can lead to a dangerous mold infestation and perhaps  rotted floor beams underneath,  in danger of collapse!  In cases like these – you’re looking at repairs that could cost more than than you can afford or more than you want to spend.  Time to call us!

Worn shingles2




Ceiling Leak



Regardless of your circumstance we are always willing to help!  Give us a call today 973-337-5011!

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