Reglaze vintage “mid-century” tub; modernize and save while doing it!

       This mid-century “tub” was great but the color definitely dated!  What was the craze for pink all about, anyway?

This mid-century "tub" was great but the color definitely dated!

This was a recent project which required complete renovation of the bathrooms. While we took this hallway bathroom “to the studs”, we loved the vintage, mid-century ‘corner tub-shower’ fixture and so the decision was made to re-glaze it, saving it….and budget dollars!

Keep in mind, when you’re planning your bath remodel, it isn’t always necessary to “throw the bath out with the bath.”  And, not having to demolish the old (dispose of the heavy pieces) and either build in a custom glass shower or purchase a new tub,  there was a significant savings too!

The tub was re-glazed and “brand-new” in one day!  At a cost of about $300 we saved a ton of money (not having to demolish and remove and replace it)!

Hall tub glazed copy

And look how beautifully it fits in the brand new bathroom!

Finished bathroom

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