Adding Curb Appeal to Ranch Home

How to give curb appeal to a ranch!

This modest exterior was about to undergo a complete transformation!

This modest exterior was about to undergo a complete transformation!

Location!  Location! Location!  The “Afterglow” neighborhood of Verona, New Jersey is home to some of the area’s most beautiful abodes. The quiet winding roads and lush tree-lined avenues welcome warmth, solitude, and tranquility.  Large, beautiful colonials, tudors and stucco estate-like homes grace the area.

Neighboring home

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On top of that, what really convinced us to buy our flip home in this neighborhood of beautiful properties was the fact that, right around the corner, a 30,000 sq. ft. home was being built from the ground, up. Location! Location!

Neighboring home construction

Our house, nestled in amongst the grand traditional Victorian and Colonial homes, was a rather non-traditional mid-century Ranch.  This “ugly duckling” sat on the market for over a year, with no takers.  Not only did it lack curb appeal, but inside the house, the layout made little sense.

Exterior Before

With the GreenRose Design team’s plan in place, and nine months of labor, we finished a unique home that holds its own on Afterglow Avenue.

Voila! A mid-century ranch transformed: What once was a humble house, became a sleek and modern loft-like getaway; a true one-of-a-kind gem in this beautiful Afterglow neighborhood.  This stunning home now has LOTS of curb appeal and holds its own in this beautiful neighborhood!

Verona House after edit

The finished house features a new, raised roof with over-size fixed pane windows, allowing for a new, full height loft room with glass railings overlooking the new 20 ft tall living room.  Additionally,  a large awning over a zen-like stone path, real cedar siding, large working fountain and a modern glass garage door all complete the picture!

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