The Advantages of Bamboo Flooring

Have you ever wondered about the advantages of bamboo flooring?

With its unique versatility, ease of instillation, and cost-efficiency, it’s no wonder designers, contractors, and homeowners alike are choosing bamboo.

GreenRose Fine Homes was honored by This Old House Magazine in their Jan/Feb 2016 issue. Our interior design and renovation was featured in an article, entitled All About Bamboo Flooring.The article provides readers with a comprehensive guide to the advantages of bamboo flooring.


Moso Bamboo

Eco friendly bamboo flooring: As a giant woody grass, the bamboo variety used for flooring significantly differs from that of a potted plantMoso Bamboo (pictured above) grows to heights of 40 to 80 feet in its first year alone, and thickens to 6 to 8 inches in diameter over the course of five years. 

Durability of bamboo flooring: Bamboo flooring, as a sustainable material, provides a variety of unique design options while generally being durable and cost-effective. As a material almost three times as hard as red oak, the superdense “strand-woven” bamboo is woven, ground, and bound into boards under astonishing pressure, and mimics the look of a traditional hardwood floor. The introduction of “Strand-woven” bamboo into the manufacturing process has drastically enhanced function, as well as diversifying the material’s physical appearance. Joel Hirshberg, President of Green Building Supply – a company that has been selling bamboo floors for over 15 years – says, “Strand-woven has changed bamboo’s reputation from an eco product to a major player, delivering the look and durability of Brazilian hardwoods for two-thirds of the cost.”


Bamboo Flooring Manufacturing Process, This Old House Magazine

Putting the BAM in bamboo – the material offers a variety of customizable designs that rival the look of favorite hardwood staples such as maple, tigerwood, walnut, and hickory. With so many diverse options, everyone is sure to find something they’ll love!

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Bamboo Flooring Varieties, This Old House Magazine



GreenRose Fine Homes, Ridgewood Ave home, Glen Ridge, NJ featured in This Old House Magazine, Jan/Feb 2016 Issue

GreenRose’s renovation with bamboo floors featured a simple, yet elegant blonde strand-woven bamboo throughout the first and second floors of this charming century-old home. With its sleek durability, we are sure these gorgeous bamboo floors will last long into the home’s 2nd 100 years!

Read This Old House Magazine’s Jan/Feb 2016 feature here 

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