The Benefits of a Great School District When Buying a Home! Consider Scotch Plains, NJ!

There are so many factors to consider when looking for a new home. Location is typically a huge determiner for home buyers.

Another important factor to consider is the strength of the school district within the area in which you want to live. There are so many benefits for a homeowner in a great school district, even if you do not have children!  Scotch Plains schools are ranked highly in national and New Jersey surveys!

IMG_5703hdrProtection from the Market’s Ups and Downs 

Choosing to purchasing a home in a good school district is important because these homes tend to retain their value even during difficult economic times, resulting in downturns in the residential real estate market. This makes sense because of the fact that parents will always try to buy a home in a high-ranking school district regardless of the real estate market trends! Purchasing a home is a big decision, so knowing your investment will hold its value is important.



451A1165Faster Resale

Houses in strong school districts tend to sell faster than a lower-quality school districts. Life changes constantly, and that might mean you may have to move someday. So, even if you are searching for a “forever” home, it is a good idea to consider how your new home’s resale will fare in a future market!

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Thinking of Starting a Family Down the Road

You may not have kids now, but children might be a possibility in your future. So you may need to weigh the decision to spend slightly more purchasing a home in a great school district versus having to spend extra money on a costly private school education (in a district where the school systems are sub par).


Scotch Plains High School is  ranked 210th out of 500 nationally!

Ranked 76th in New Jersey out of 337 School Districts.  This is comparable to the 73rd position of the highly regarded Montclair school!

If you are in the market for a beautiful home in a great district, check out GreenRose Enterprises latest project in Scotch Plains. Click on the picture below for the video!

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