What do Interior Designers Do?

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(Sneak peek of our Westfield Design Project and check out why it is so important to bring on a designer from the very beginning of any renovation project!)


Q: What does an interior designer do:

A: Renovating your home or investment property can be stressful and extremely time consuming. The interior design process includes reviewing dozens, if not hundreds, of decisions to be made (depending on the size of the project). Decisions on the room interior for a kitchen renovation include cabinets (price point, style, finish, handles), backsplash tile, countertops (quartz, granite, marble, etc), floors (tile, wood, if wood what type? veneer or solid wood? width, stain color) faucets, lighting fixtures, color choices, etc.  Get the picture? A wrong decision on any one of these can completely ruin your dream. It is most beneficial to bring in a designer as soon as possible to avoid this. Plus, hiring a designer can actually save you money!


Q: How can bringing on a designer save me money?

A: There are several ways:

One way is by avoiding the dreaded “Change Order ”: There are so many moving parts and steps involved in any renovation that having a designer navigate you through the process, right from the beginning, can help avoid costly mistakes along the way. It is often difficult to foresee everything you may need or want in your design before you start construction. Once you actually start construction, things often come up which require changes or decisions on matters not yet addressed.  Should design decisions be changed, your Contractor is usually going to charge you for Change Order(s). Bringing on a designer from the very beginning, can help make your ideas and dreams both work functionally with your lifestyle long-term.

We were recently brought in a little later on a large house in Westfield NJ, after the architect’s plans were finished. However, we were able to suggest several changes, which the owners loved and approved which fit within the existing overall plan.

A: Designer Discounts: Designers have access to a wider range of suppliers, brands and resources that will help you “re-image” your space without breaking the budget. In fact, a designer will often be able to provide you with a more beautiful, sometimes even more expensive item, at less cost than you would pay retail!

-- 1 Hamilton Kitchen 003(Basking Ridge Kitchen Design Project)

Q: Can I give the Designer a budget?

A: YES! It is a fact budgets are and should be important to everyone, no matter how much money you are working with. A designer will help you plan appropriately for the cost of each step of a project, as well as guide you through a reasonable budget allocation provided by your contractor. The designer will show you every possible option for your style and budget, and then you decide which ones work for you.

451A1269(Scotch Plains Master Bath Design)

Q: Will the interior design process include a review of interior design styles I want?

A: Of course! The best interior design professionals are able to listen to their client and then present all of the different choices for the project, all in the client’s style choice.

Steve Moran from GreenRose Design sums up his philosophy of the role and importance of a designer simply as this “ a designer’s job is to help clients make their homes a true reflection of their tastes, aesthetics and lifestyle.” Who wouldn’t want someone dedicated to making sure you can achieve your home design dreams?

When you start thinking about renovation or redesigning your home, consider getting a designer involved as soon as possible.  Call Steve and the GreenRose Team @ 973-337-5011 for a consultation.

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