Losing the house bidding wars? Try This!

In today’s hot Seller’s market, Buyers face so many roadblocks when trying to purchase a new home. In many communities, houses are receiving multiple offers, leaving all but the one, lucky buyer disappointed.

Don’t get discouraged and give up the dream of owning a home in the area you want to live!  Instead, try to think outside of the box and see how you might be able to find a home in the town(s) you want, outside the conventional processes!

One of the things that has worked is the old “drive by” method.  What’s that you say?  Its simple, and its something real estate investors have been doing for a long time.  Just drive every street of every neighborhood you’d consider buying in and look for homes that look sad, run-down, unkempt!  Why?  Because chances are the owners have come upon some hard times, or perhaps they’re elderly and have limited financial resources and physical.  Think about it….when difficulties come into a homeowner’s life, what’s the first thing neglected?  The exterior upkeep!

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So here’s what you can do….write a personal note to the owner, tell them how much you admire their house and that you’d like to buy it if they’re interested in selling!  Leave your name(s) and contact information and slip it into their mailbox.  Don’t give up if you don’t hear back from them right away!  Wait a week.  Then go back and ring the doorbell.  Smile, introduce yourself, ask if they’re the owner and then make your “pitch”.

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Some tips:  You love the house.  You would buy it for cash….or you’re pre-approved for financing.  You’d also take it “as is”.  The closing date can be flexible to suit their schedule. And here’s another good one…..tell them they can leave behind anything they don’t want and you’ll dispose of it all.

Obvious other points:  There is no other party involved in the transaction, making it easier, quicker…and cheaper for the Seller!  They don’t have to fix up anything in the house, don’t have to “paint and polish” anything, just take the money and leave for the next chapter in their lives!

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Try it! This has worked and we know it from first-hand experience!  What have you got to lose!

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