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There’s something very satisfying about pulling up to your house and thinking, “Yeah! I’m home”!  Truth be told, we haven’t always felt this way about our property (investment or otherwise). Sometimes it’s a struggle to get past a dingy exterior, peeling paint,  odd shaped windows, dead grass, weeds. We’ve all been there. But over the years, we’ve learned a few tricks  to make the transition from work to home, driveway to front door easier on the eyes.

1. Get an grip on the clutter. Clutter is anything that distracts or blocks your view. This could be anything from plastic pink flamingos, bikes, equipment, tools, cars, empty flower pots, recycling containers. If your eye lands on anything that reminds you of a long neglected chore, that’s clutter. One weekend afternoon is usually all it takes to sweep out the offenders. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to stop seeing clutter and a fresh perspective can really be useful. Ask a friend come by and give your entrance a visual check up! 

2. Tame the wildlife.  Foundation plantings have a shelf life and sometimes it’s important to admit that the Holly shrubs are now completely walling off the front of the property.  Cut them out and replace them with something fresh. You’ll also be eliminating a security risk since overgrown foundation plantings provide cover for burglers looking to access ground floor windows. It’s also important to keep the grass trimmed and weeds under control.

3. Add some color. Now that you can see your front door, why not make a statement by simply painting the  a new contrasting color to make it “pop”?  Our first renovation shown above has  fresh paint in a light color, contrasted with darker shutters. This really brings out the historic details of the architecture. Removing excess hardware from the front and adding bold house numbers makes it feel very welcoming.  Replacing old light fixtures and mailboxes is also an easy, inexpensive way to upgrade.

Mailbox from Restoration Hardware

Outdoor Light Fixture from Lowe’s


4. Say it with flowers. Whether you live in Georgetown, suburban New Jersey,  rural Iowa or California, everyone loves flowers. Flank your doorway with a couple of  blooming flowerpots. Your nursery will have some ready- made collections that you can just plop right into a waiting container, or you can dream up your own combinations.

Annual Collection from Whiteflower Farms

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