Better safe than sorry!

Buying a new home may be the biggest investment you’ll ever make. Although the process is very exciting it quickly becomes overwhelming. While the home you have selected may appear to be just what you’re looking for, how can you be sure there aren’t potentially serious unknown defects which can make your investment in your future a costly one. Having your new home professionally inspected can save you money on items which you may be able to have the seller or builder correct. This kind of inspection cannot be performed by a relative or a contractor. Professional Home Inspectors know what to look for and know how to report. It is also the only way you can get a full detailed report that is needed by your attorney to act on your behalf. Check with New Jersey Consumer Affairs and ASHI( The American Society of Home Inspectors) to make sure your home inspector is licensed and certified. This way you can rest assured you have a true professional that is going to inspect the home according to the best of standards. For more information about Home Inspections visit. 
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