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Our current rehab property has a lovely, but modest yard. It won’t be big enough for a pony, or to field touch football games, but it has enough to create a welcoming buffer from the street and for casual entertaining in the back. Regardless the size of your property, thoughtful planning can make any amount of space you have feel like it’s totally perfect for you! Here are some of the ideas we’ve put into action.


Now, while we do like to be grounded in reality, we also love to let our dreams open up to all sorts of inspiring landscapes. Here are a few of our  regular “go to” sources of inspiration…



flowering hydrangea nestled between the bricks & oak

Flowering hydrangea nestled between the bricks & oak of Greet & Jan's house. Photo courtesy of

One of our all -time favorite design blogs is Belgian Pearls, created by Belgian interior designer Greet Lefevre of Lefevre Interiors, 4th generation cabinet makers.

From French Essence

French Essence is the place to go if you want to salivate over the lovely interiors, gardens, olive groves and the small French village that Australian expat Vicki Archer calls home.

Martha Stewart is  always great for ideas and for shopping for garden accessories. Careful though, a couple of hours spent reading articles, downloading calendars and scrounging for ideas can easily slip through your fingers before you can say “It’s a good thing”.

Skylands in Maine from

Skylands photo courtesy of

Turkey Hill courtesy of

Turkey Hill courtesy of

Sphinx from Skylands photo courtesy of

Guy Wolff, and now his son Ben,  have been making one of a kind clay garden pots in Connecticut for decades and not only are their pots magnificent, their websites are great for browsing, linking to historical garden sites and getting your creative green thumbs ready for action.


Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of
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