An unforeseen side affect of foreclosures…

We’ve seen the signs;  weeds, tall grass, maybe a broken pane or falling shutter, the “foreclosure” notice tacked onto the  FOR SALE sign.  However, one thing you don’t see (or smell) until you walk into the vacant building is mold. To get an idea of how the problem is likely to grow, listen in here as NPR’s Morning Edition covers the latest scourge of the foreclosure phenomenon.

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  1. Peggy says:

    Houses when left unattended start to go back to nature . . . the grass grows outside, the shrubs aren’t pruned. . . .gutters don’t get cleaned and nature starts reclamation in the smallest way . . . mold. First it is mold, then moss . . . .bugs that we would normally brush away during regular cleaning get in and colonise. Mice and other small beasts will sense that there are no people or pets around and what do you know . . . nature has begun to reclaim the property. You can smell it if you’ve gone away on vacation for more than 10 days.

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