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Greenrose is just about to close on their first property (!!) and during the walk through and inspection, much attention was paid to paint; the existing colors  and our dreams for the interior of this house.  We applaud the bold experimentation of the previous owner (it is just paint we’re talking here),  but this attic room frankly missed the mark.

This got us discussing what we do want for this space and how it is we come up with the paint choices we do.  Keep in mind, when real estate investors or sellers hear the phrase “keep it neutral” with regard to color, this doesn’t mean that every room must be beige.  Neutrals are like Switzerland. They don’t take sides and their goal is to unite disparate elements.  Neutrals come in all colors and should enhance your staging. Remember, your primary goal is to create a room that people can imagine as “home”.   Here’s a brief look at what goes into our choices…

What is the purpose of the room? Is it for sleeping? Do we want a calm place to read a book or a lively space for entertaining? Sophisticated calm or casual, beachy fun?

What is the style of the house? A colonial farm house will have a different palate than a Spanish style ranch.  Modern minimalist, Craftsman, Victorian?

Equally important and perhaps the most difficult to figure out is how the lighting will affect the color throughout the day. North facing rooms that receive less light do well by having paint with  yellow influences to brighten up the tone. South facing colors will be able to withstand blue and gray influences without being flat. That’s not to say paint Northern rooms yellow, rather let the color you choose contain more yellow in the range than blue. We use many neutral shades in blues, greens and yellows.

Color Palettes: Atmospheric Interiors Using the Donald Kaufmann Color Collection, by Suzanne Butterfield

Here is perhaps the best book we’ve found that addresses  natural light and it’s affect on paint throughout the day and the seasons.
You’ll be seeing our color choices more in the “before and after” pictures to come. We’d love to hear your thoughts! Favorite paint colors? Any paint disasters you’d care to share??
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  1. Thanks for youramazing recommendation
    It\\\’s good to come across people who talk about my interest

    • Steve Moran says:

      Thanks so much for your feedback and words of encouragement! We feel that selecting a paint color is the single-most important decision you will make to achieve “bang for the buck.” We have also observed that color, once applied, never seems to match the color chip. As such, it’s never a bad idea to purchase a quart or color sample to apply to the wall before committing to a few gallons to ensure this is the color you are expecting it to be. Good Luck and Happy Painting!

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