Let’s play one of our favorite games…”What were they thinking?”

The construction on our project is almost complete and so we’re spending a good deal of time purchasing, planning and organizing our staging phase.  We’ve gone to IKEA (twice), toured estate sales with a local dealer and hit lots of yard sales looking for tasteful, appealing furnishings & accessories. We’ve also created a spreadsheet, complete with photos,in order to have our inventory at our fingertips. But it never ceases to amuse/puzzle us when we come across some “What were they thinking?” scenarios.  We’re going to start taking more pictures on our own, but until we do, have a chuckle thanks to Julie from Hooked on Houses. She found all of these gems (and more) on the MLS.

Flowers lead the house tour.


Next, same flowers in the kitchen...


Finally, here are the flowers in the bedroom...on the floor. Nice.




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