Art Deco

Yesterday we were discussing tile, specifically the Serenity Series from Olympia Tile below.

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We like the look for its modern,  clean lines and that got us talking about “Deco”.  It’s our favorite style,  but after some discussion, our office manager asked, “What is Art Deco?” 
Looks like I have some s’plaining to do…

“Art Deco followed in Art Nouveau’s footsteps in that it also paid homage to beauty, but it was a more ‘modern’ interpretation. The Machine Age was well underway at this time and function became an important requirement again. The rounded, scroll, naturalistic motifs of Nouveau were replaced with geometric, angular and streamlined motifs like zigzags and chevrons (notice the difference in designs in the two lamp pictures above). Function was important, but not at the expense of beauty and decoration.”  from


Art Nouveau Lamp photo courtesy of


Art Deco Lamp photo courtesy of


Art Deco is found everywhere; architecture, jewelry design, furniture, interior design, apparel. For all you Art Deco enthusiasts, check out today’s NYTimes Home Section here.

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