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Our Latest Acquisition - 512 Belleville


2 pairs of Custom French Doors - 512 Belleville


Our latest project, a turn-of-the-century 6 bedroom, 5 1/2 bath home right here in Glen Ridge, NJ, will, we believe, definitely prove to be our greatest Rehabbing undertaking yet.  In order to transform this grand lady of a home back into it’s former glory while incorporating the conveniences of modern living, we knew that it would require the vision and talent of an architect who would understand what we had in mind during our conceptualization process.  As such, we chose to work with the architect with whom we’ve entrusted our own home.  In order to give it the makeover it most desperately craves, we’ve hired our good friend and brilliant architect Jonathan Perlstein, Oasis Architecture, to realize the dream and vision we have for this magnificent home while adding his own personal touch and experience to the design process.

In an effort to gain more insights about what makes this creative genius “tick”, GreenRose Enterprises’ Steve Moran interviewed Jonathan:

Steve:  Jonathan, tell us about yourself and your firm and of whom is it comprised… do you have additional architects/apprentices with whom you work?

 Oasis: Oasis Architecture was founded in 1999 by Jonathan Perlstein, after working 20years in NYC offices on a wide range of building types. 

 Jonathan always has one or two assistants helping him out, but is in his heart  a hands-on architect who enjoys seeing designs flow from his head, onto paper and into reality.

Steve: What style of architecture is your favorite/do you find most exciting with which to work?

Oasis:  I believe “style” is the character actor – the sidekick to “design” —   which is the lead actor, the hero.  Design is the innate understanding and execution of excellent proportion, detailing, and handling of materials.  Other facets of design include the inspired introduction of natural light and views, an integration of the building into the landscape or streetscape, and a feeling of openness and space balanced by warmth and habitability.  These principles will be found in successful examples of every “style”, from every era.


Wayside "Before" picture compliments of


 Steve:  What current trends in family living style which influences architectural design do you find most appealing?  Least appealing?

Oasis:  I am a firm believer that oversized, awkward,  and poorly detailed structures of all kinds are detrimental to society and destroy the human spirit. 


Wayside "After" photo compliments of




 Steve:  Which of your firm’s projects are you most proud and reflect your own personal taste/style above all others?

 Oasis:  I still enjoy walking by 349 Park Street in Upper Montclair. It looks like it’s been there since the 1910’s but was built in 2001. 


Steve:  Who do you consider to be the great “masters” in architecture that you call upon for inspiration?
Oasis:  The great masters must include Frank Lloyd Wright.  Nothing  is like walking through his work  –  no photo does justice to his contributions.  Louis Kahn’s Salk Institute is magnificent as well, a work equally of spirit and material.  I also deeply enjoy simple farm buildings.

Steve:  What classic features used by the “masters” do you utilize most often in your designs?

Oasis:  I always look to balance proportions and scale throughout the project, and set up inviting vistas and light wherever possible. 

Steve:   What do you feel would be the primary reason that a real estate investor/rehabber should use an architect?

Oasis:  A fine architect understands the timeless qualities of excellent design, and can skillfully apply these qualities to the bottom line goals of the client.

We at GreenRose Enterprises are excited about our upcoming project with Jonathan and look forward to seeing our combined vision come to life!  For additional information regarding Oasis Architecture, please feel free to visit their website at  Happy Designing!

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