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Last weekend, we had the very special opportunity to attend a Surprise 90th Birthday Party for our dear friend, Dorothy Chapootian, at the GreenTree Country Club in New Rochelle, NY.  Yes, that’s right, 90th!  And she doesn’t look it at all.  What a spectacular setting at which to host this very special event for this wonderfully energetic, perpetually stylish, and delightful lady.  Truely!  She’s the type of lady who, you can just imagine, surrounds herself in silks and satins and doesn’t come downstairs to breakfast unless she’s dressed to the nines and her hair and makeup completely and perfectly applied.

Equally thrilling to spending time with the guest of honor was the opportunity to meet her nephew, worldenowned architect Oscar Shamamian from the firm Ferguson & Shamamian.  These guys have, in our opinion, brought back the classical details that we all love in architecture and have served as a major inspiration to our decision making when conceptualizing how a project will turn out once completed.

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There is something about looking at a well-designed building that lifts our spirits and helps us realize that there are truly gifted people in each field of design from whom the rest of us can only aspire to learn and grow more alike.  I don’t know about you, but nothing creates a greater sense of internal calm, peace and tranquility for me that taking a half an hour each day to preview some of these very special inspirational websites.  If you get a chance, take a look at Oscar’s website and peruse through their past projects.  In additional, our favorite local architect that we interviewed last week, Jonathan Perlstein, shared a few of his favorite sources for inspiration as well.  They include: Inhabitat; Arts & Architecture; Catalogo Arquitectura; Our Amazing Planet; Earth TechlingArchitecture in Mapolis; National Trust For Historic Preservation; and many more, I’m sure.
Since we spend much of our time Staging Homes as part of our business, some additional favorites of mine include Elle Decor and Veranda magazines.
Share with us what inspires you and post it as a comment to our blog!  We would love to hear from you!


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