Off to the races!

We are very excited because we closed this week on our first rehab property  in Glen Ridge!!  We’ve already engaged the services of a fabulous architectural firm, Studio Square Designs, to help us with some much needed updates. Next week should see us settle on a contractor and we’re ready to get started. Please keep coming back to check out this amazing redo!

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4 Responses to Off to the races!

  1. Jay Woodruff says:

    Site looks fab!

    • Steve Moran says:

      Thanks, Jay! Ken, Sarah and I consider that to be extraordinarily high praise from someone of your trememdous website management background! It’s all Sarah!

  2. Ari Falk says:

    Congrats! You will become the next Jeff Lewis!

    • Steve Moran says:

      Thanks, Ari – Steve here! But I could never become that mean-spirited. He may have excellent taste, but what a nasty Person! I hope to become the “softer side of Jeff Lewis.”

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