Restoring antique Stained Glass Window in Victorian home Rehab!

When we’re renovating a “faded lady” historic home, we really attempt to keep as much of the original detail as is possible.  Sometimes there are surprises, like in our present Victorian house rehab in Glen Ridge, NJ, a wonderful community on the Federal Historic Register!  When we opened up the wall in the dining room, which we suspected had been an original stained glass window that had been plastered over, we found out we’d been right!.  The good news: there had,in fact, once been a stained glass window there and the original framing was still inside the wall!  The not so good news was that the stained glass was gone  ….probably destroyed in the fire that burned a good part of the house in the early 1940’s.

Below: what we found inside the wall…..a perfect window frame for what had held original stained glass (the two vertical 2×4’s were probably added into the frame when the house was re-sided after the original house burned.

Since one of our signature statements is to leave each home we renovate with a stained glass piece to enjoy, this was the perfect opportunity!  We were happy to find the ideal piece with our favorite stained glass craftsman, Joe Pappa, proprietor of Premium Glass, on Asbury Avenue in Asbury Park, NJ.  We’ve used Joe before as his pieces are beautiful and reasonably priced.

Although today we may think of them as works of art, authentic stained glass, (with pieces of leaded  glass arranged to create beautiful patterns and  images, held together by strips of lead and a rigid lead frame), were made to function as windows in many public buildings, houses of worship and fine homes.  This particular antique piece (which is from the turn of the century) was then set into a water and air tight frame by our master carpenter and forman, Joe DeRose.  Joe then set it into the same space in the Dining Room wall where stained glass had originally been when the home was built in 1902!

Below:  An exterior view of the “new” antique stained glass in its new home!  Note the new copper trim and the Hardie plank (composite) siding which beautifully simulates clapboard (without all the maintenance).


Below: our ‘new’ antique piece of glass happily set in to the dining room wall to delight generations to come!

Stained Glass suits the room!

Voila!  An authentic restoration as well as our GreenRose signature piece….all in one!



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