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And here are the Before & After pics!

Our Twilight Open House last night was well attended and we got to meet some great folks in the neighborhood. Now, you get to see what they saw… Exterior before         Believe it or not we are not 100% finished.  Next week we will have a newly re-paved driveway! If you’re in […]

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More progress pictures- yeah!!

 This is for the birds!! I’m referring not only  to the great fountain in the backyard at our Adams Place Project, but  to this heat wave! Despite the searing temperatures, the men at Extreme Building Makeovers are continuing to move at a good clip and we’re very excited with the steady progress.  Take a look… It […]

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In high gear now

We’ve passed the inspections (electrical, plumbing & framing)!! Now we can move along with the finishing work.  It seems that this stage goes at warp speed and you can really see how the place may look once it’s done. Check out our video & progress pictures!

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Thoughts on Paint

Greenrose is just about to close on their first property (!!) and during the walk through and inspection, much attention was paid to paint; the existing colors  and our dreams for the interior of this house.  We applaud the bold experimentation of the previous owner (it is just paint we’re talking here),  but this attic […]

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