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Empty Nester? 8 Steps to Prepare for Shifting to a Smaller Space

We know it’s back to school time but what if you find yourself becoming an empty nester? Perhaps your kids are off to college or out of the home completely. We have advice for getting yourself ready to move to a smaller space. Shifting to a smaller space means scaling down your stuff. If you […]

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Problems mount for foreclosure properties

 When touring foreclosed properties this summer, we could easily see how quickly a property deteriorates when left vacant. Raccoons, mold, rain and vandalism quickly take their toll. Adding to these problems is now the aftermath of Hurrican Irene. NJ.com has a great article here on the challenges REO and bank agents have in keeping one step […]

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Looking for Real Estate…on Craigslist?

How many times have you heard stories of offers not accepted, too little $ too late, deals falling through?  In any market getting the property you want can be a challenge.  Thomas Warnke’s rehabbing success story may do your heart good.  Mr. Warnke, an architect,  found his true love on Craigslist.  See today’s New York Times…

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