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Empty Nester? 8 Steps to Prepare for Shifting to a Smaller Space

We know it’s back to school time but what if you find yourself becoming an empty nester? Perhaps your kids are off to college or out of the home completely. We have advice for getting yourself ready to move to a smaller space. Shifting to a smaller space means scaling down your stuff. If you […]

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Exterior Renovation: restored, repaired & some replaced shingles and clapboard….and a new coat of paint!

Just a quick note to keep you posted on the progress at our current rehab project with which we are turning an old, “estate condition” 8-bedroom home in to a fullyenovated & new 6-bedroom, 4 bath home in historic Glen Ridge, NJ. Here is a picture of the outside of the house as it looks […]

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Fixing mistakes made over the decades….another Glen Ridge NJ faded lady!

  Today we purchased this faded lady, located in historic Glen Ridge NJ!  The GreenRose Design, Landscape and Fine Homes Teams will again be coordinating their talents to transform it into a modern “vintage” home with 6 bedrooms, including a large master suite, 4 full baths, a modern & large new kitchen and all modern […]

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Victorian Home Restoration Extraordinaire! The exterior rehab!

  At long last our latest GreenRose Fine Homes project in Glen Ridge is done!  And we couldn’t be happier or prouder of the results!  So we wanted to share with you some of the final pictures…..after all the renovation, restoration, painting and …..most important….the staging!   But first, let’s look at the front exterior […]

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We’re Baack – Our Latest Home Renovation!

It’s been a long hiatus, but we haven’t been sitting idle after the sale of our first property. We’re on to the next! Take a look… Our fantastic general contractor, Extreme Homebuilders of New Jersey, is now more than half way through the interior demolition and we’ve already filled one big dumpster! This week, exterior demolition […]

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More info on Staging

When we staged our recent renovation on Glen Ridge we were sold on the idea that staging would add a “Wow” factor to the previously run-down property. As you can see from previous posts, our staging includes curtains, furniture, art and floor coverings. Listening to our realtor for feedback on the staging has been eye […]

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Take a look at the finished basement!

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More thoughts on rehab design

Check out the transformation of the kitchen, dining room and study. The space has been significantly opened up, letting in more light and allowing for easy traffic flow. It’s a perfect example of how subtle architectural changes can yield big returns.

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Renovation design tips revealed!

We’d like to show through these next series of videos, how we came up with the design decisions that really make this house renovation a success.  Our first two videos feature the new, inviting entrance to our Adams Place Project. We hope you take away some design ideas for your next project!

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Our first Glen Ridge project is complete!!

It’s hard to believe, but the day is here for our first round of open houses for our Adams Place Project in Glen Ridge!  We think it looks stunning – see for yourselves by stopping by tonight, Thursday August 11th  from 6:00 to 8:00pm for our Twilight Open House.

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